The NFL in Frankfurt am Main

Meine Fotos von den NFL Events in Frankfurt am Main


Dmitrij Zibart

12/4/20233 min read


Wow! The NFL games in Frankfurt were absolutely incredible. I had the opportunity to attend an entire week of football madness, and let me tell you, it was something special. From the electrifying atmosphere to the passionate fans, my NFL experience in Frankfurt was truly unforgettable.

A Week to Remember

My NFL experience in Frankfurt was so much more than just two football games. It was a week filled with unforgettable memories and a sense of belonging. I had the opportunity to meet fellow fans from around the world, exchange stories, and bond over our shared love for the sport.

Outside of the stadium, Frankfurt itself was a vibrant city with so much to offer. The city came alive during the NFL week, with events and activities for fans of all ages.

But it started all on the Stadium Area with the RTL NFL Event.

The Energy and Excitement

As soon as I stepped foot into the stadium area, I could feel the energy in the air. It was a sea of colors and jerseys, all coming together to celebrate the sport we love.

After the RTL event, the NFL Experience began with many events in the city. Among other things, with many prominent guests from the German and US football scene.

L’Oréal Paris x Sebastian Vollmer

The city was full of events and great people.

There was also good entertainment for the evening

Unfortunately, I didn't end up getting into the stadium, but it was a great pleasure for me to photograph the visitors in front of the stadium. The many great moments, happy people and an exuberant, great atmosphere. Just a really great experience.

Thank you NFL! We look forward to next time!


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